Montevecchio mines of Sardinia

Mines of Sardinia, MontevecchioMontevecchio, near Arbus, Once one of the most important mining centers in the region, become a mine of historical importance of Sardinia. The mining town, located in the south-west of the island allows visitors to visit a range of facilities. The place is now abandoned, nonetheless still exude a special charm. The site date back to the period from 1848 until 1991, year in which the mine was officially closed.

San Giovanni well, for example, contain some equipment used in that glorious past of this mine of Sardinia: the well is 200 meters deep and connect six underground galleries. A sort of ghost town offering to visitors a dip in a past in which men and digging tools dug the zincifero bronze strand with hard work to gather what represented a good source of income in Sardinia.

The site also forms part, together with seven others, of the Geo-Mining Park of Sardinia and is home to festivals, fairs and cultural events. For those who loves nature and hiking, will travel the paths of the miners, seeing a little ‘luck some specimens of Sardinian deer and enjoying the view. That of the mines in Sardinia is a glimpse of a little known but no less interesting if you want to know the history of a region.



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