The natural monuments of Sardinia: treasures of beauty

The natural monuments of Sardinia are a treasure made ​​such by nature and preserved in time from it. Became original by form, geological or location, all Sardinian monuments are included in protected natural areas. Such monuments are important not only for their physical or geographical, but also for their literary and historical references.

Some of the natural monuments in Sardinia are: the source of Su Cologone to Oliena, coming out of a limestone gorge deep more than a hundred meters; S’Archittu of Santa Caterina, in Cagliari, a reef of ivory-white color consisting of a 15 m high bridge derived from an ancient cave eroded by the action of the sea; Columns of Carloforte, located at the southern tip of San Pietro island, are a pair of stacks high 16 meters of Miocene source; Bear of Palau is part of a granite promontory in the north-west coast of Sardinia, which here took the form of a bear, and that frightening to sailors in ancient times; Volcanic craters of Meilogu on Mount Annaru, are an example of a volcanic cone that preserves well its eruptive mouth; Sugar loaf of Masua at Iglesias, is a beautiful limestone rock that recalls the famous Pao de Azucar the bay of Rio de Janeiro, hence the name.

These and many others are part of the natural monuments of Sardinia, beautiful shows loved by Sardinian and many tourists crawling along the shores of this beautiful island.



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