Sardinia: nordic walking in Iglesiente

Nordic walking in Sardinia: the IglesienteThe lovers of nordic walking in Sardinia have a place that boasts beautiful paths totally immersed in nature: it’s the Iglesiente, along the west coast of this Mediterranean island. And the best trails for nordic walking in this area of Sardinia are six, all different from each other and with varying difficulty.

The easiest trails for nordic walking in Iglesiente are two: the first one starts from Pranu Dentis and comes to the mine San Luigi, through places important for their nature and for the industrial archaeology;  the second path, from the bridge over the Rio Gutturu Cardaxius to Genna Arenas, passes through canyons, near ancient mines and nearby rural villages.

Instead the trails for hiking level nordic walking are three: the first is in the area of Buggerru, and its most beautiful view is the bay of Cala Domestica; the second path starts from Buggerru and arrives to Monte Nieddu, through a symbolic cross-section of the nature of Sardinia; the third, from Buggerru to Pranu Dentis, has its most suggestive point in the peaks of Monte Segarino, where you can admire the coast between Capo Frasca and Capo Altano.

Finally, for the most experienced lovers of nordic walking in Sardinia, the path indicated in the Iglesiente is called Su Fundu Mannu, passing through the enchanting patches of Monte Gennargentu.


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