Chestnut recipes


  Chestnut and bean minestrone Here is the easiest  possible recipe, a  comforting and warm dish that is perfect  for the winter.  If one prefers, the beans can be replaced with  barley. This minestrone originally comes from the inner and mountainous areas of Sardinia as it  once  constituted  a very nourishing and fundamental dish for populations in the hidden and remote mountain areas, like for example, Bitti or Gavoi. Served hot with roasted bread, it’s  a simple but very  tasty meal. Serves 4 250 grams/ 9 oz  dried beans 500 grams/ 18 oz  of chestnuts (if dried 250 and they need to soak like the beans) 150 grams / 5 oz  of fresh lard An onion, a carrot, 2 cloves of garlic and 2 sun dried tomatoes all chopped Parsley 2 bay leaves Olive oil and salt (more…) and mystery

As part of Autumn in Barbagia, on the 6th and 7th  of November is the amazing opportunity to see the “Mamuthones" procession which usually takes place twice a year, at carnival  on shrove Tuesday, and on the 17th of January. Carnival in Italy has always been felt and celebrated, it’s an occasion particularly for children to dress up as their favourite hero or princess…I still have my old class photographs immortalizing me as an 8 year old nurse alongside draculas, spidermen, gypsies and much more. The small village of Mamoiada, approximately 20 km away from Nuoro is renowned for its very own special Carnival, an incredibly mysterious and slightly spooky procession portraying the acclaimed “Mamuthones”. The feeling of having stepped out of some magic shuttle that has just taken you back in time is unmistakable..  the impression is that of attending an ancient pagan ritual. The Mamuthones masquerades in fact date back to the pre Christian era, they fully portray a deep sense of tradition, typical of  old mountainous populations and extremely rare to find in this day and age. (more…)

Sardinian Halloween or nearly..

Halloween isn’t merely an Anglo Saxon custom…the celebration of the dead and their souls is global as I discovered when reading about “Su Prugadoriu”..or purgatory..  in Sardinia. In some Sardinian villages in fact, the cult of unsettled souls from purgatory is very much felt and deeply rooted, dating back to ancient times. The small village of Seui, only a few kilometers from Sadali and Jerzu, has maintained this ancient tradition and from the 30th of October to the 1st of November, the 14th edition of the “Su Prugadoriu” festival will take place. (more…)

MC Donald’s vs Mc Puddu’s!

Can a famous multinational like Mc Donalds caution a young entrepeneur of the small Sardinian village of Santa Maria Navarrese ( located between Baunei and Tortolì)  from using the suffix “Mc” for his activity? Apparently so! This is what happened to Ivan Puddu, owner of Mc Puddu’s and of Mc Fruttu’s, the first a fast food serving typical Sardinian menus at low prices, the second specialized in fruit shakes and drinks made solely with the island’s produce. (more…)