Walls that speak – Sardinian street art

Today the art of drawing, painting or writing on walls is known as 'street art'. In the past it was called graffiti or murals. Whatever name we use, whatever the technique used by the artist to decorate a public area, all such artworks have one thing in common – they seek to convey an idea, an emotion or a state of mind. In many towns in Sardinia there is a vast amount of street art, true open-air masterpieces gifted to us by the talents of the artists, some famous, some completely unknown. (more…)

Tavolara Film Festival 2012 – where art meets nature

The island of Tavolara is a huge limestone plateau that rises proudly from the turquoize sea of north-eastern Sardinia. It is the subject of thousands of myths and legends that speak of a king of the island and of wild goats with golden teeth. On the high rocky walls one can make out a number of caves that were inhabited in prehistoric times and many nests of both peregrine falcons and cormorants. The island is a protected area due to its outstanding natural beauty. (more…)

Jerzu Wine Festival 2012 – a celebration of Sardinian wine

Sardinia's Wine Festival is a truly unmissable event. This year the 33rd edition will take place from the 4th to 10th August in Jerzu, a town lying in the shadow of the tacchi (huge limestone rock formations) in the Ogliastra region of the island.

Sardinia's rows of sun-soaked vines creak under the weight of the dark, juicy grapes of the full-bodied Cannonau, the oldest wine of the Mediterranean. (more…)

Posidonia 2012 – Carloforte’s Mediterranean celebration

Just off the south-western coast of Sardinia the enchanting island of San Pietro emerges from the turquoize sea, a wonderful, wild, unspoilt paradise where nature reins supreme. There is only one settlement, the charming, old town of Carloforte, founded in the distant past by a group of Ligurian fishermen, and the island is overflowing with incredible natural wonders, from breathtaking beaches with multicoloured seabeds to rare wildlife, like falcons. (more…)