The popular traditions in Sardinia: the evil eye

Among the folk traditions of Sardinia the medicine is undoubtedly the most particular. And no mention of modern medicine, that we are used today, but superstitions and folk beliefs widely held in the island of Sardinia.

Hundreds of people in Sardinia practice healing through rituals that are passed from generation to generation, but only to persons who are considered suitable, and through the use of natural elements.

As an example of a ritual folk tradition found in Sardinia is the so-called “eye medicine,” more commonly known as the evil eye. Popular belief says that some envious people have the “goat”, which is the devil in the eye, and can send “the evil eye” crossing the eye of the victim.

Were counted 24 different therapies of intervention for healing the evil eye, each with characteristics in common, such as the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer or the Creed prayer, and the use of paper, animal horns, grain, oil, salt, barley and rice, mixed, drunk, dried or burnt as appropriate.

The popular traditions in Sardinia can certainly keep for centuries the same mystical and alluring taste.


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