Posidonia 2012 – Carloforte’s Mediterranean celebration

Sardinia's celebration of the MedJust off the south-western coast of Sardinia the enchanting island of San Pietro emerges from the turquoize sea, a wonderful, wild, unspoilt paradise where nature reins supreme. There is only one settlement, the charming, old town of Carloforte, founded in the distant past by a group of Ligurian fishermen, and the island is overflowing with incredible natural wonders, from breathtaking beaches with multicoloured seabeds to rare wildlife, like falcons.

From the 20th to 22nd July 2012, the narrow, winding streets of Carloforte will burst into life with the latest edition of the Posidonia Festival, a fabulous celebration of the art, culture and nature of the Mediterranean sea, that also seeks to raise awareness about the threats our wonderful ocean now faces.

The festival began in Formentera in 2007 with the aim of increasing awareness about posidonia oceanica, more commonly known as neptune grass, a type of seagrass that is of fundamental importance to the Mediterranean ecosystem, creating oxygen, giving shelter to sea creatures and preserving the coasts from erosion. The 2012 edition, now set in the natural paradise that is San Pietro, retains the same spirit but has a wider focus, with eco-fairs, concerts, documentaries from the Clorofilla Film Festival, recycling workshops, conferences, and much more, all of which are completely free.

There will also be numerous activities which actively engage children (also free!), who, with their natural, bubbly enthusiasm, can discover the treasures of the sea and enliven the streets with themed displays and music from the orchestra of recycling! Visitors can take part in the activities or kick back and relax, eating the fresh fish and organic food specially prepared for the occasion. In this period the wonderful nature of San Pietro is absolutely unmissable, and holiday-makers can admire the breathtaking seabeds by snorkeling or scuba-diving, or enjoy the amazing landscapes and views on a boat trip or a scenic walk.

The festivals in Barcelona, Formentera, Tavolara and Carloforte are only the beginning of a shared journey to unite and educate the people of the world, and celebrate the best and most awe-inspiring museum on the planet: the Mediterranean!

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