A visit to Regional Park of Molentargius Saline

Molentargius Saline Regional ParkVisiting Sardinia, it happens to run out of breath in front of the vision of pink flamingos, because this is a rare species of bird.

And they live in the Molentargius Saline Regional Park, located in the hinterland of Cagliari and easy to access thanks to its many road, but you need to book a guided tour to visit it.

And the pink flamingos are not the only peculiarity of the Molentargius Saline: indeed this park has a different salinity that characterizes the lakes present in its territory. During the summer, it happened in the past that the lakes dried up due to the extreme heat, creating natural salt that later became the central focus of this ecosystem.

Arriving here from the city of Cagliari, you can visit the building Sali Scelti (“chosen salts”): used during the ’30s for the storage of salt harvesting, today it is the seat of the Molentargius Saline Regional Park, used as a venue for exhibitions, offices and conferences.

If you want to admire the park and its beautiful specimens of pink flamingos, the ideal solution is to reach the peaks of Cagliari such as Urpinu Mountain, Sant’Elia Mountain and Sella del diavolo (“seat of the devil”), where the landscape of this unique ecosystem is truly breathtaking.


Image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cerionmorgauin

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