Ogliastra: rock climbing in Sardina

Climbing in SardiniaSardinia’s not only for those who like swimming and take long sunbath laid on the pure sand of its seaside. Sardinia and, specifically, Ogliastra is also the place for rock climbing lovers who enjoy its wonderful cliffs on the sea. Ogliastra, the most mountainous of the eight areas in which Sardinia is parted (there you can find Punta la Marmora, 1834 mt, the highest peak of Sardinia). This area’s also the less inhabited, still deep-rooted in farming and craft activities. Beside this, hospitality facilities are ready to warmly receive climbers the whole year.

The first free clibers came there in the 70s to rock climbing Baunei walls of Urzulei and Jerzu for the first time. Only in the last years these cliffs have been fully appreciated attracting junior and senior free climbers from all over the world.

Nowadays the climbable area has been widen and equipped (Lotzorai, Osini, Seui, Talana, Ulassai and Ussassai).

Far from the massive tourism destinations, these mountains are still uncontaminated: a real pleasure for those who want to “touch with hands” the wonder of the wilderness by rock climbing during their holidays in Sardinia.

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