Sailing in Sardinia: yacht charter, Sinis peninsula and west coast of Sardinia

From 1st June 2015, a new yacht charter service is available in Sardinia, on the lesser known west coast. The charming Sparkman & Stephens vessel can accommodate up to 10 guests for daytrips and up to four to sleep on board.

The sailing experience begins with a briefing from the skipper, and involves some participation from the guests on board, depending on level and preference.

There are various itineraries, including sailing beneath the ancient city of Tharros, founded by the Phoenicians around 800 A.D., then later becoming a Roman site and to the marine protected isle of Mal di Ventre.

Exploring the coast aboard the yacht, called Santa Maria, is a perfect way of coming into contact with the essence of Sardinia. Mirror calm seas in the morning on departure, cormorants and gulls and a myriad of blues between sea and sky.

A day trip to destinations on the west coast, including Capo San Marco, Capo Frasca, Tharros, the enchanting isle of Mal di Ventre and Santa Caterina di Pittinuri is an adventure from start to finish. Coffee and a light snack is served mid-morning, and guests can choose to have a swim and snorkel or sunbathe and relax on board.

Santa Maria anchors in beautiful spots for a typical Sardinian pasta lunch with fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables and chilled white wine.

Prices and itineraries for the Santa Maria yacht charter are below*:

Itinerary Single
Group of 4
Group of 6
Group of 8
Group of 10
Tharros 55.00 220.00 330.00 440.00 550.00
Capo San Marco -Seo 85.00 385.00 535.00 655.00 770.00
Capo Frasca 90.00 420.00 585.00 715.00 840.00
Isle of Mal di Ventre 110.00 440.00 660.00 825.00 990.00
2 days, Capo San Marco – isle of Mal di Ventre 240.00 950.00 x x x
3 days Capo San Marco – isle of Mal di Ventre – Santa Caterina di Pittinuri 360.00 1,430.00 x x x

*tariffs include all refreshments and insurance

The skipper of Santa Maria also runs a Bed & Breakfast in the small fishing town of Cabras, home to the recently discovered Giants of Monte Prama. Special sailing rates are offered to guests of Limolo B&B

For more information on the Sinis peninsula, go to:
The wonders of Sardinia’s central west coast, from Bosa to the Sinis peninsula

To book a daytrip or two / three day charter on the Santa Maria, please contact our multilingual staff on + 39 070 67186400 or send an email to

Events in the area:
From 2nd ‘til 5th July 2015, the European Jazz Expo is taking place in Riola Sardo, on the Sinis peninsula.

Time takes on a different dimension aboard Santa Maria. Close your eyes, listen to the wind filling her sails and the water yielding to her bow.

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