The Sardiania recipes of Gallura

sardinia-recipesThe recipes in the north of Sardinia are a masterpiece of fantasy. Various and diversified, come from the peasant tradition typical of the inner regions, whose main products are oil and wheat. In particular in the area of Gallura the most common ingredients are sugar and honey, used in both sweet and salt dishes.

Typical are the boneless feet of pork and sugar with which the gelatin is made, or Puligioni ravioli stuffed with cheese and cinnamon sugar and served with sauce. The buns of bread made ​​with pork cracklings, raisins and sugar.

It is part of typical recipies of Gallura Li Pan’a Fitti made with plain bolled in suop of sheep flavored with local olive oil, parsley, pecorino cheese and cinnamon. In the mushroom season the dishes are enriched with porcini, chanterelles and ovules roasted made ​​with chili and garlic, or used to dress the pasta.

Ubiquitous in the Sardinian recipes are sweet. There are Cucciuleddi filled with honey, bread crumbs, cloves, walnuts and almonds chopped, orange peel, cinnamon and pepper. The Acciuleddi made ​​with fried dough in the first pass in the honey and then in the orange peel. Still Siad Li, prepared in a manner similar to famous Seadas, but with the addition of parsley.

Thankfully the widespread culinary culture saves recipes of Sardinian and preserve them in time.


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