Sardinia 2012: Foreste Aperte

Sardinia, Foreste Aperte 2012For once again, in 2012, Sardinia will open its forests with Foreste Aperte 2012. The National Forest has intended to revive the initiative for the fourth year. One way to share and discover one of the many natural resources of the richest Sardinia.

Thanks to the activities of Nordic walking, trekking, horseback riding or just hiking through nature photography, environmental education, music and sport, the organization continues to fulfill its task of protecting and enhancing the heritage of flora and fauna of the state-owned wood and forests of Sardinia.

Between spring and autumn, outdoors enthusiasts, young or old they are, will have the opportunity to take part in numerous initiatives.

A different way to enjoy a holidays in Sardinia and to discover a destination that offers not only beautiful coast and sea, but also a city to be explored in all its typical characteristics. Better yet if this discovery can be done under the expert guidance of those who know the forests of Sardinia for a living: the organizers of Foreste Aperte 2012.


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