Sardinia Beaches: planty of nature in Orosei Gulf

Sardinia Beaches Orosei GulfOrosei Gulf, in the area of Nuoro, is one between the wildest Sardinia beaches.

There, you can find paradise corners on Earth where you can relax and enjoy the view.

Some of the most beautiful Sardinia beaches are there, in Orosei Gulf, but they are not busy with tourists because they’re not so easy to reach. In some cases, you’ll have to walk between rocks and narrow paths, in other cases you can reach there only by sea.

Cala Goloritzè  is one of the most peculiar beaches of its kind in the Oriental coast of Sardinia: the seaside is formed by white little stones. This beach has another particularity: the natural obelisk made of stone formed by the action of the wind. Cala Coloritzè can be reached on foot, passing through the Orosei Gulf and Gennargentu National Park.

For nature and silence lovers, Sirboni is the beach. Once again, the hard reaching of this area of the Sardinia coast stops the big mass of tourists who are just looking for a seaside. The path leading there is not so comfortable but, once there, you’ll fully enjoy the quietness and the landscape of the place.

If you’re looking for peace and nature, Sardinia beaches are ready to offer you a wide choice and Orosei Gulf is one of them.


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