Sardinia, Caprera: to Garibaldi’s house

Caprera: Garibaldi's house in SardiniaIn Caprera, in Sardinia in the archipelago of La Maddalena, there is a white house overlooking the sea. It was the last residence of Giuseppe Garibaldi, built in 1856 on that part of the island that he wanted to buy.

Inside you can still find the furniture and objects of the general’s life and the memory.

Garibaldi lived here after the death of Anita, for 26 years until the fateful June 2, 1882.

The home of Caprera is now a museum exposing many relics belonging to General and some of prized paintings that see it portrayed. A vintage watch hanging at it’s walls, still marks the time of his death.

The island also gives hospitality to the body of Garibaldi, at the museum-shrine called Garibaldi Compendium.

Once you reach the island of La Maddalena, reach the house of Garibaldi is quite simple.

Just beyond the bridge that leads to Caprera and follow the signs for the last home of the hero of two worlds, after passing  through the pine forest of the island.

After a life of adventure, war and travel, Garibaldi chose to lay the foundations of your own home at Caprera, to enjoy the peace and serenity that the nature of Sardinia can give.



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