Sardinia caves: guided tour to Grotte di Nettuno

Sardinia: Grotte NettunoThe Grotte di Nettuno (“caves of Neptune”) are among the most famous of Sardinia: they are located 24 km from the city of Alghero, inside of Capo Caccia. This place was unknown until the Eighteenth Century when a local fisherman discovered it by accident. And since its discovery, the turnout in this Sardinian cave has never diminished.

The tourists have two possibilities to reach it: the first, more convenient and fast, is to go by boat from Alghero and to reach the main entrance; the second possibility is to  start from the center of Tramaglio and to reach the cave by the Escala del Cabirol, a staircase of 654 steps that winds around the headland of Capo Caccia.

Once in the Grotte di Nettuno, begins a 580 meters long guided tour where the sight of this unique and timeless beauty created by nature leaves you breathless. At the entrance of the cave is located the lago di Lamarmora: a lake surmounted by a central stalagmite column, a couple of meters high, with some natural trays on the top, containing fresh water and named Acquasantiera (“stoup”). During the guided tour you can admire two odd shaped stalagmite columns: the Christmas tree and the Great organ, a column four feet height and fifty feet wide.

And the Grotte di Nettuno is only one of the many caves that can be visited in Sardinia.



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