Sardinia’s Festival of the ‘Tacchi’ 2012

Sardinia's Festival of the TacchiThe six days (from 4th to 9th August) are overflowing with interesting events and activites, as the white, rocky region of Ogliastra hosts an energetic celebration of theatre and music for your entertainment.

The towns hosting the event, Jerzu and Ulassai, are just a few miles apart, and share a wonderful landscape of evegreen forests, valleys full of the scents of strawberries and rock roses, and thundering waterfalls, providing a marvellous setting for the 13th edition of the Festival of the Tacchi (the tacchi are massive limestone rock formations found in the region).

The guests that stand out the most are Laura Curino, from Turin, who will recount the story of the most famous Olivetti typewriter in Italy (6th August, Ulassai); Peppino Mazzotta whose original monologue will bring to life a few characters from Greek tragedy (7th August, Ulassai); and Dario Vergassola, who will perform comic sketches about gossiping (8th August, Jerzu).

There will be music, with concerts from Gatti Mezzi (4th August, Jerzu and 6th August, Ulassai) and the saxophonist Gavino Murgia (9th August, Jerzu), and there will aslo be literature with Giacomo Mameli (5th August, Jerzu), theatre with the Cada Die troupe (5th August, Jerzu and 6th August, Ulassai), Rita Atzeri’s show ‘Gene eat gene’ (9th August, Jerzu), and Francesco Abate will try his hand at acting (8th August, Ulassai).

This is a fantastic cultural event, best enjoyed with a glass of locally produced cannonau wine!

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