Sardinia nuraghe: Su Nuxari site, Barumini

Sardinia, Barumini nuragheBarumini nuraghe, in Su Nuraxi archeological site, is one of the most important of the whole Sardinia and is an Unesco Human Heritage site since 1997. It’s located near the small town of Barumini, 1.413 inhabitants, in Medio Campidano area.

The attention on Su Nuraxi nuraghe was drawn by the fact that this is one of the biggest and the better preserved model of nuragic settlement ever discovered. The oldest building is dated back to the XV sec. b.C. For the strategic position and the resilience of his buildings, Barumini nuraghe has been used as fortress  by Phoenicians (between VIII and VII century b.C.) and Carthaginians (between V and IV century b.C.), was then abandoned after the Roman conquest, in the III century b.C.

That of Barumini is rather a nuragic fortress than a simple nuraghe. It’s made of a central tower and a four side rapart. The sides of the hill on which the castle is built, are covered by the rests of nuragic buildings of smaller sizes; fifty nuraghe used as quarters for farmers.

You can visit Su Nuraxi nuraghe every day from 9 a.m. to 1h before dusk. For further information, visit the website

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