Sardinia off-road: nature and archeology

Sardinia off-roadTo see something different from the usual Sardinia, another way to discover the island is to travel off-road by a 4×4. A way to get to know with the deepest and fascinating wilderness of Sardinia.

Wildlife in its element breathtaking views and more. During the stops in the villages of the hinterland you can discover traditions and culinary specialties.

A place in which the Sardinia off-road could be a memorable photo-safari of landscape is Monte Altura: from there you can see the mountains of neighboring Corsica and enjoy a unique view. Another fascinating place worth a visit by 4×4 is the archaeological site of Li Mizzani Giants’ Tomb. Here you can find the nuragic structures are said to be crossed by magnetic fields with restorative powers bringing well-being.

But what is perhaps the most unusual and most visited attraction in the surroundings of Palau is Roccia dell’Orso (the bear rock). This is nothing but a granite block shaped by the wind which has the appearance of the wild animal. Visiting Sardinia off-road by 4×4, you’ll enjoy the exceptional views and the wild side of this always stupefying island.


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