Sardinia, Tonara: Autumn in Barbagia 2011

Sardinia: Autumn in Barbagia 2011, TonaraThe Autumn in Barbagia 2011 next event will be in Tonara. In the weekend going from 30th September ot 2nd October, you’ll find this town of Sardinia full of culture, folklore, deli and nature.

Tonara (not far from Fonni) is one of the main Sardinia torrone nougat production center. Autumn in Barbagia will be the right chance to taste this sweet food, since one of the main event of this Autumn in Barbagia 2011 in Tonara will be the production of the longest torrone of Sardinia. If you’re crafts lovers, it will be useful to know that Tonara is also famous for the cattle bells production.

But Tonara isn’t just craftsmanship, it’s also a nice town surrounded by the wonderful landscape of Barbagia mountains and woods. During the Autumn, wood leaves color fades into the warm colors typical of this season and will be a pleasure to walk in the nature, picking and tasting wild fruits. If the idea gets you excited, don’t have to miss the guided hike out on Sunday h 3.30 p.m. Visiting the surroundings of Tonara will be exciting even for those who like archeology. This area is full of burial caves (Ptzu e’ Toni, Domus de Janas) and nuragic villages (Idda intr’Errios, Tracullau, Trocheri, Gonnalè).

For those who are looking for cultural stimulus, Autumn in Barbagia 2011 won’t be disappointing. The three-days is plenty of events such as poetical contests in Sardinian dialect, concerts and folk dances.

There will be time for other kind of pleasures too. Culinary stands will stay open all the three days long to let you enjoy typical deli from the area.

Autumn in Barbagia 2011: Tonara and Sardinia are waiting for you to start the celebrations, but don’t be late (from 30th September  to 2nd October 2011).

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