Carloforte, a Sardinia wine contest

Sardinia wine contestA chance to get to know to Sardinia wine in Isola di San Pietro: is the first edition of a contest called “Concorso Vini e Vigneti di Carloforte”. Inhabitants of Isola di San Pietro, who long lived of the hard work of gathering seafood, now tribute to grapes, a product of the earth.

The contest is dedicated to amateur (non commercial) wine makers who have at least one grapevine in the isle. They have to take pictures and movies of the main phases of the grape harvesting and wine making, focusing their attention to the community features of this kind of work.

This Sardinia wine contest has started on 1st September 2011, but the main event will be on 10th December, when the award ceremony will take place. Then, the party won’t be only for the winners. Celebrations include wine tasting, music and movies shows and photographic expositions all under the same theme.

The event is hold by the City and the Pro Loco of Carloforte and the SPIEMe organization.

Accommodations in Isola di San Pietro won’t be a problem: Carloforte offers many hospitality facilities, hotels and holidays rentals. The date’s a tasty chance for visiting Isola di San Pietro and to get to know new Sardinia wine flavors.


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