XXV Sardinian Artichoke Festival, Samassi

Sardinian ArtichokeThe king between the winter agricultural products, Sardinian artichoke is also the main character of one of the biggest event in Medio Campidano: Artichoke Festival.

In Samassi, some kilometers from Cagliari, the event has a peculiar significance given that agricultural traditions of this area is deeply involved with the Sardinian artichoke. Specifically, the production of this area is famous for two variety of artichoke: Spinoso Sardo (an artichoke with long, yellow, thorn) and Masedu (with no thorn at all).

The Sardinian Artichoke Festival program count on a lot of cultural, sportive and folkloristic events for this three-days (December 2-4 2011) dedicated to artichoke lovers whose organoleptic proprieties where well known since the old times. There will be occasions, obviously, to taste traditional recipes and dishes based on artichoke and other Medio Campidano agricultural products.

As saffron, Sardinian artichokes will be testimonial of the Sardinia’s agricultural production excellence. Excellence that made Sardinia well known all over the world.

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