The ancient tradition of Sardinian carpets

Sardinia's carpetsAn ancient tradition lost in a time out of mind: Sardinian carpets are part of isle craftsmanship history. Deeply connected with main Sardinia’s farming activities, the big amount of wool at disposal always permitted a great production of craft products such as carpets, since Roman age.

Since 1800, Sardinia’s carpet production was a women’s work prerogative due to the fact that carpets were part of the wedding trousseau. The persistence of this tradition preserved the ancient techniques of production for many generations.

The wool used for  Sardinian carpets, is the one coming from ovine rather than the goat’s one.  This main raw material is also woven with textile vegetal fibers such as: cotton, linen and hemp. Colors are made from plants of Sardinia since 1900, to complete a cycle of production in which all is natural, starting from the raw materials to end with the tools used (such as the old wooden handloom).

The antiquity of this tradition resounds in the decorations chosen for this kind of carpets, taking back to the ancient iconographic symbols .

Discovering Sardinian carpets will take you to the main towns in which this wonderful craftsmanship has been developed: Nuoro, Oristano, Olbia.

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