The Sardinian Vespers: Sa die de sa Sardinia

The Sardinian Vespers, also known as Sa die de sa Sardinia, are the days in memory of the revolt of the Sardinian people against the rulers of Piedmont. Sardinia in the eighteenth century was dominated by the Piedmont and on this subject. When Piedmont was attacked by France in Sardinia, the Sardinian population showed a regular attachment and devotion to their rulers defending the city of Cagliari from the French siege by all means.

Following this incident the Sardinians asked to Piedmont recognition of their loyalty with an act of inclusion within the civil and military jobs, and with greater autonomy from the political elite of the time. Piedmont, however, refused to satisfy the demands of the Sardinian people, allowing only some minor rewards.

The Sardinian Vespers are celebrated on April 28, 1794, that day the Sardinians decided to object to the Savoyard domain turning away the Viceroy Babbiano and all the Piedmontese from the island, and boarded by force and sent back to the continent. The insurrection in which took part the whole population was the spark that ignited other uprising also to Alghero and Sassari.

The Sardinian insurrection is still remembered as the event which liberated the island from the rulers. The Sardinian Vespers were the beginning of the change.

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