Sardinian wine: Ajò a Ippuntare 2011, Usini

It’s called Ajò a Ippuntare 2011 and is the long awaited annual Sardinian wine tasting event taking place in Usini, not far from Sassari. Specifically, the event is about the wine produced in this area of ancient traditions testified by the ancestral ruins all around the small town.

Even the festival name (Ajò a Ippuntare), in 2011, sounds like an old exhortation to go broaching (ippuntare) the wine. Exhortation tasting like an ancient tradition of hand-crafted excellence.

As each event of success in Sardinia, Ajò a Ippuntare 2011 will host visitors with the right equilibrium of food and wine, music and culture suggestions making it an unforgettable day. At the very center of all, obviously, there will be the king of the festival: the wine. By a tasting kit, you’ll be able to go around Usini, from wine cellar to wine cellar, to taste the specificity of each label.

In the 2010 festival, granted to the event 19 owners of wine cellar and 25 wine producer from the area.

Ajò a Ippuntare 2011 will take place in Usini on Saturday December 17, from 10 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 10 pm. This event is specially dedicated to Sardinian wine lovers.

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