Snorkeling in Sardinia: the depths of Villasimius

Snorkeling in Sardinia: VillasimiusAn essential place in Sardinia for snorkelers and divers is the marine protected area of Capo Carbonara, near Villasimius: only few hours by ferry boat and you can reach an authentic underwater paradise, that you can explore using mask and snorkel. All the parts of Capo Carbonara are quite a sight, but the main dive points are three.

The first stop for snorkeling at Capo Carbonara in Sardinia is the shoal of Santa Caterina: a complex of granite buttresses and bastions that go deep into sea up to a depth of about thirty meters, building a variegated underwater landscape to be explored.

From the shoal of Santa Caterina, you can move to Variglioni of Serpentara: these are granite cliffs that rise from the sea, with underwater tunnels and walkways where you can see animals such as mullets and breams.

The last of the dive sites for snorkeling at Capo Carbonara in Sardinia is the so-called Ship of Cabbage: on the bottom of this area, amid an underwater meadow of Posidonia (a submarine plant typical of the Mediterranean Sea), stands a granite relief, with a shape that remembers clearly the prow of a ship.


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