St. George: traditional festivals in Sardinia

st-george-sardiniaThe Sardinian tradition is rich in festivals and fairs covering the most important moments of the religious calendar and of rural life. Often, these two dimensions are inextricably linked, creating a long-standing folk tradition.

This is the case of the feast of St. George Martyr of Perfugas, rural event from the distant origins. The tradition of the festival is renewed every year in the second half of April.

The people gather around the charming church dedicated to St. George, patron saint of Barcelona and sing of the past Spanish domination in Sardinia. The red color characterizing the church is bestowed by the vulcanite of which are made the red brick of the building, built in the ‘400 and in the Gothic style, typical of the Catalan area.

While waiting for the highlights of the festival of St. George Martyr, lovers of archeology will appreciate, near the church, dolmen named after the church.
But the rural church is just the point of arrival of the procession beginning with the exchange of flags between ceremonies and proceeding following the image of the saint.

Arriving at the church, the rite of this traditional Sardinian festival has in programme some laps around the sacred building called caragolu a pè, the believer walk, and caragolu caddu, the homage of the knights.
The ceremonies end with the meal of boiled lamb, pasta and soup broth typical of Gallura. Tasting enlivened by folk music into the evening.
Perfugas and its festival of St. George Martyr is not far from Castelsardo. A wonderful opportunity to attend one of the oldest traditional festivals in Sardinia.


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