Strumpa: the Sardinian fight of gherradores

Strumpa: Sardinian fightAmong the ancestral traditions of Sardinia, Sardinian fight or s’istrumpa is one of the oldest and most durable. Maybe because the man remains a man and, with it, remains the need to confront the challenges and demonstrate strength, courage, fairness and… Balance. Elements composing s’istrumpa or, how is better known: strumpa.

Since its name (in Sardinian language it means: toss to the ground), you can imagine the purpose of the challenge: ground your opponent. In many respects, strumpa is assimilated to the greek-roman fight with which probably shares the same origins.

As evidenced by the bronze wrestlers of Uta (nuraghic period art statuette), the challenge has the taste of millennia and, in more recent times it became a characteristic event of the rural parties, during which the landowners named the champions among their workers. The gherradores, so are called the stumpa challengers, during the fight are laced one another in a terrible hold trying to throw the opponent to the ground.

In 1997, strumpa was officially recognized as a sport and, since then, the Sardinian fight has acquired a new tradition: that of the regional, national and international tournaments. The center of this new tradition is the town of Ollolai.

A variation from  S’istrumpa fight is the campidese fight, from Campidano, which differs from the first in some corporal holds allowed to gherradores.

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