Su Gorroppu…WOW!!

Su Gorroppu

Here comes  the usual cliché of how small we are in comparison to nature’s wonders.. but  when looking up at the immense limestone  walls of  the Su Gorroppu canyon, the overwhelming feeling of astonishment and subordination is undescribable!  Nature is unfathomable…. How true.

The canyon of  Su Gorroppu is in fact   the deepest and most spectacular gorge in Sardinia, Italy and probably in Europe.  Its mountain walls reach 450 metres in height, an impressive and majestic sight. The route to reach  the canyon  is  set in an amazing Mediterranean  vegetation,  in the midst of a thick forest with  juniper trees and  fragrant rosemary bushes, though sometimes alternating with an extraterrestrial and lunar landscape characterized  by rocks and an open sky.

Su Gorroppu


The walk to Su Gorroppu  lasts about 4 hours (2 hours  to get there and back)  and is for everyone, though  make sure you are wearing a good pair of walking shoes as the path but can be  a little challenging at times…   no need to worry… there are lots  of stopping points with tables and benches to  sit, relax,  relish the scenery and catch your breath, particularly on the way back  which will be uphill.

The Walk

The canyon  is situated near the village of Dorgali,  to reach it follow  a road to the south of the village in direction of  “Rio Flumineddu” and after about roughly 12 km  when  you get to  the “Sa Barva” bridge ruin (bridge was destroyed  in 2005), stop and park.  Cross the Flumineddu  river on the nearby small emergency bridge  and follow an obvious footpath on the left  which will lead to  a gate indicating the entrance to a protected area.  The path proceeds along the river that will be on your left, whereas on the right  you will be dominated by the imposing walls of Mount Oddeu.  Leave the main  path  at least once and go towards the river as there is  some very evocative scenery.
After about 6 km you will reach the  Flumineddu riverbed, the walk finishes here but  continue a little bit  to the inner part,  here you will find waterfalls falling into turquoise pools in a surreal setting of limestone rock. Simply spectacular.

Su Gorroppu

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