The sunken town of Sardinia: the ancient Nora

sunken town of SardiniaIf you’re wondering what’s the most ancient town in Sardinia, the answer is Nora. The sunken town of Nora. Some kilometers from Cagliari, on the southern coast of the isle, little off from the well known touristic center of Pula, Nora is one extraordinary site of high archeological interest. There it was discovered an ancient town of the Phoenician-punic era. But there’s who uphold the theory of former origins of the settlement. Afterwards, the place was settled by the Romans (III century b.C.) in confirmation of the wonderful and strategic positioning of the ancient town. It was abandoned in the Medieval era due to frequent Arabian pirates raids.

A Roman amphitheatre, some temples, thermae and mosaics are visible on the coast, in the archeological area of Nora, but the most of the ancient town is sunken beneath the sea. Such a paradise for archeological diving lovers and, generally, for diving passionate.

To have an idea of the shape of the ancient town, you can go to Google Maps and select the option Satellite view in this area of Sardinia (Pula or Nora).

The site of Nora is still the center of interest of archeological expeditions and researches.

You can reach Nora from Pula easily by the busses going to and from this two town of Sardinia.


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