The Tacchi: one of Sardinia’s most beautiful landscapes

Sardinian landscapeNestling between the mountains of Barbagia that encircle Gennargentu, the Gulf of Orosei and the marvellous beaches of eastern Sardinia, Ogliastra is a region that seduces the traveller with its unique landscape, characterised as it is by the imposing rock formations known as the Tacchi (or ‘heels’).

Tough, resistant witnesses to upheavals and erosion, these limestone towers and bastions were sculpted by the waters of a Mesozoic ocean. They are scattered throughout a 19 square-mile area, and the most imposing, reaching a height of almost 1300 metres, is the monolithic Perda Liana, close to Seui, considered an area of outstanding natural beauty. The Tacco Isara, found in the Gairo area, is more massive and can be reached by taking a lovely trip on the Trenino Verde (a scenic narrow gauge railway). Near Osini nature reveals all its magnificence in the Scala di San Giorgio, a steep, wooded gorge that is home to a number of golden eagles. Lovers of climbing and free-climbing can attempt to best the rugged walls of the Tacchi of Porcu ‘e Ludu and Troiscu in the Jerzu area. Lovers of walking through nature will enjoy discovering the forests of the Tacco Arba and Mount Arquerì of Ussassai, where if you’re lucky you can see fawns. An easy walk will bring you to the summit of the Tacco of Tisiddu, that towers above Ulassai, commanding fabulous views, unrivalled anywhere else on the island.

Sardinian landscape

The Tacchi of Ogliastra are natural wonders, marked by the rustle of the wind, the silence of the rocks, and the whisper of the water that has patiently chiselled them over the milennia, carving out great gorges like that of Gorroppu, deep valleys known as codule (Luna and Sisine), caves, and imposing waterfalls (su Marmuri), gifting us a wonderful landscape to admire, enjoy and respect.

Images from Sardegna Foreste and Tatiana Angela Rivolta

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