Sardinia caves: guided tour to Grotte di Nettuno

The Grotte di Nettuno (“caves of Neptune”) are among the most famous of Sardinia: they are located 24 km from the city of Alghero, inside of Capo Caccia. This place was unknown until the Eighteenth Century when a local fisherman discovered it by accident. And since its discovery, the turnout in this Sardinian cave has never diminished. The tourists have two possibilities to reach it: the first, more convenient and fast, is to go by boat from Alghero and to reach the main entrance; the second possibility is to  start from the center of Tramaglio and to reach the cave by the Escala del Cabirol, a staircase of 654 steps that winds around the headland of Capo Caccia. (more…)

Typical handicrafts of Sardinia, some tips

Sardinia is a land that always has a great tradition of craftsmanship. The handicraft  that are produced have been tools of everyday life and in some cases means of livelihood of the local economy but now are also popular souvenirs for tourists, curious and lovers of beauty. There would be many handicrafts of Sardinia to speak about, but certainly some products are distinguished by reputation such as the famous Mamoiada masks that are worn by Mamuthones during the Carnival representation of the city. (more…)

Beaches in Sardinia: the coast of Alghero

The most popular beaches of Sardinia are located on the Costa Smeralda, but equally fascinating is the coast of Alghero: this area is called Riviera del Corallo (“the coral coast”) for the magnificent coral jewels made by the skilled master craftsmen of this place. The beaches of this coast of Sardinia are white sand ones, and gently accompany the swimmers in the shallow clear waters. In particular, the beach of Bombarde is one of the busiest on the coast of Alghero during summertime, located between the cliffs of a small creek and famous for its very cold waters even during periods of hot weather. (more…)

The events of New Year’s Eve 2012 in Alghero

The New Year’s Eve in Alghero is a great and long feast, a night with lights an colors organized in order to say good bye to 2011, and to wait for the new year with the people, the culture and the tradition of Sardinia. And this year the Cap d’Any de l’Alguer (“New Year’s Eve in Alghero” in Sardinian language) has a very rich calendar of events. New Year’s Eve in Alghero 2012 starts on December 31 at 11am with the concert Musica Ragazzi!, by the maestro Mauro Uselli, in “G. Manno" gardens. The second appointment of this long day is the wine and food exhibition, set in “G. Manno" gardens at 7pm: this is a great chance to taste the traditional dishes of Sardinian cooking. (more…)