Gay Pride in Cagliari

On Saturday 30th June 2012 the sunny Poetto beach in Cagliari, crowded with bathers and holidaymakers, will burst into colour for an evening of imagination with the partecipants in the first Sardinia Pride event, that will also be the first beach Pride in Italy.


Cagliari, 1st of May in Sardinia

If you are thinking about spending the long weekend of May 1 in Sardinia, here are some ideas for organizing this wonderful mini-vacation in the spring of Cagliari, Sardinia. And there's no better time to visit this city, since May 1 is celebrated Sant'Efisio with the festival dedicated to him, which can boast of an ancient tradition. Now it will be possible to watch the parade of Traccas, and decorated wagons pulled by oxen, which opened the festival involves the whole soul folk of Sardinia. Music and costumes make their appearance and create an unforgettable frame exposure of the statue of the saint that is transported along the path that he did to his martyrdom, happened to Nora. The procession starts on streets decorated with rose petals. (more…)