Castles in Sardinia: the fortress of Castelsardo

The manor of Castelsardo is among the most visited and fascinating castles in Sardinia. Once it was a vital center of the town of Castelsardo, in the province of Sassari; now it is still surrounded by fortified walls that had only one access road: you can still see the hinges on which was mounted the massive door. As a matter of fact, there was also a maritime access to the castle that was used during the sieges: hence came the ships loaded with supplies from Genoa. (more…)

Beautiful Castelsardo

Pretty and shady alleys, terraces overlooking the sea, rather severe looking buildings, old ladies weaving baskets with the dexterity of a dancer.A succession of strips of poetry, this is Castelsardo. It is  a splendid example of a medieval village looking onto the Gulf of Asinara, and only 30 km north of Sassari and 80 km from Alghero. Castelsardo (Sardinian castle)  is known for its very evocative castle, positioned on a rock  fortress for over 900 years, but until two hundred years ago it had two other names before coming to its "real essence". The Doria Domination The castle was built around 1100 by the very powerful Doria family who had come to Sardinia from Genoa in search of new land to conquer and, eager to mark the territory, they called the castle cum village "Castelgenovese". (more…)