Christmas in Sardinia: the bread of the tradition

The tradition of Christmas in Sardinia requires to celebrate this important holiday in a special way, typical of this Mediterranean island: preparing a type of characteristic bread that is cooked strictly over the Christmas period. And every part of Sardinia has its own type of bread and celebrate Christmas with it.

In particular, in the Logudoro there are two special Christmas breads. The first one is known as bacchiddu 'e Deu (literally "the rod of God"): it is a rod-shaped bread with the tip pointing down, like the bishop's staff, and it is donated to the children during the “questua” (a begging). The second one is the sa pertusitta: it’s a big bread, and on its crust are represented scenes of pastoral life, with images of shepherds, sheep and dogs.


Christmas in Sardinia: sweet papassini

The papassini is a typical recipe of the Christmas in Sardinia: they are soft and aromatic desserts, usually filled with walnuts (or hazelnuts), lemon peel, raisins and vanilla. These desserts are common in Sardinia and, even if the recipe is always the same, the filling is very various depending on the area and the cities where they are prepared. The papassini are desserts that are prepared during the main festivities. And above all it’s a recipe that during the Christmas in Sardinia is always present on the dining tables of this Mediterranean island. (more…)

Happy new year in Sardinia!

The New Year is approaching and many might well be starting to squeeze their to speak..thinking of where to spend the phantasmagorical  last day of the year.  Hopes, fears, promises, expectations and resolutions all roll into one in a night made special by  its aura of well wishing and cheer. A definitely different and fun alternative is Sardinia! Celebrating the arrival of the new year in Sardinia is a unique experience, be it standing in a main square wrapped in a coat and scarf enjoying the music, dancing and conviviality at a concert, or sitting comfortably at a table delighting in Sardinian nectars at the “Cenone di San Silvestro” the sumptuous end of year evening meal. (more…)