Cherry Festival and Caschettas in Belvì

In the month of June takes place in Belvì, the traditional Cherry and Caschettas Festival,  where  you can eat the excellent fruit cropped in Gennargentu and discover the typical sweets of these area. Belvì is a small town located in central-eastern Sardinia, in the province of Nuoro, where since 1600 are prepared caschettas. In the past, this delicacy was prepared for important occasions such as weddings, because the tradition required that the groom offered these sweets to the bride. (more…)

In Sardinia for the Fai Springtime Days

Every year, on one of the first Springtime weekends, Fai (Fondo Ambiente italiano) organizes, since 20 years, the Giornate Fai di Primavera (Fai Springtime Days). In this event, tourists can visit buildings,  monuments and archeological sites usually close to the public. In Sardinia, The Fai Springtime Days provide the public opening of many places of public interest, mainly in the areas of Cagliari, Sassari, Alghero and Nuoro. (more…)

The Sardinian Vespers: Sa die de sa Sardinia

The Sardinian Vespers, also known as Sa die de sa Sardinia, are the days in memory of the revolt of the Sardinian people against the rulers of Piedmont. Sardinia in the eighteenth century was dominated by the Piedmont and on this subject. When Piedmont was attacked by France in Sardinia, the Sardinian population showed a regular attachment and devotion to their rulers defending the city of Cagliari from the French siege by all means. (more…)

Autumn in Barbagia 2011 is Ovodda

The next step for the event Autumn in Barbagia 2011 is Ovodda, a village on the slopes of Mount Orohole, of ancient origins and distinctive rural appearance. Three days, 11 to 13 November, to learn about bread. A sort of awareness campaign for the consumption of pan’è fressa, which is part of the traditional breads of Sardinia. A taste workshop that explains how it is prepared, as it is cooked strictly with wood oven, with a tasting to follow. (more…)