Easter holidays in Sant’Antioco Island

The island of Sant Antioco is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt place of Sardinia. Covering an area of ​​108 square kilometers and two municipalities, the island looks like a bulwark against overcrowding, as a natural resource to preserve and enjoy. Unspoiled coastal corners, a few scattered houses in the countryside, roads passable only on foot and protected angles of the sea make Sant'Antioco Easter holiday a unique experience. Besides this, the three-day holiday offer the possibility to organize itineraries inside to know the area and appreciate the landscape. The island has Sites of Community interest (Sic) very characteristic, as “Is pruinis” and the salt marshes, which are a real ecosystem coastline that attracts migratory birds such as herons and flamingos. (more…)

Best offers for New Year’s Eve 2012 in Sardinia

The offers for the New Year’s Eve 2012 in Sardinia are a great opportunity to spend the last day of the year in one of the many, beautiful cities of this island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

Surely, the offers for the New Year’s Eve in Alghero are really tempting, with a range of price in 50 euro - 380 euro per person. Moreover, the Cap d'Any (the New Year’s Day in Alghero in Sardinian language) has always been one of the funniest and most picturesque in Sardinia, with a rich calendar of events and activities.


Visiting Sardinia by Green Train

The Green Train, since ‘800, keeps on going around the isle for 600 km and letting astonished visitors from all over the World visiti Sardinia and it’s natural wonders. Given its small size, such train can reach far away towns through the hard landscape of the hinterland of Sardinia and to keep contacts between those towns and the main (and the most touristic) cities of the coasts. The infrastructures of this railway line seem to be so well integrated into the nature and the landscapes scrolling on the train windows are so charming that this little train gained the name of Green Train. A journey on its wheels will be a fantastic chance to visit the most genuine side of Sardinia.  A different way of visiting the isle that was appreciated by the writer D. H. Lawrence too, who in 1821 told his wife: “We will go by the Secondary railway, wherever it goes.(more…)

Holiday in Sardinia: Gallura and Tempio Pausania

To know the wild heart of Gallura, there’s nothing better than an holiday in Tempio Pusania. The most important town of the area is known since the old times for his climate enjoyable, even during the summer, and for a big impact natural richness. The old town is of big impact too for the traveler who will discover the wide piazza, walking through narrow streets of white granites buildings.

The omnipresent evidence of the Sardinia prehistoric civilization, here take the name and the features of Nuraghe Majori: the archeological site you can find on the road to Palau.

Wine lovers will be pleased to know that the grapevine around this area are those from which come famous wine like Vermentino and Moscato.

But, this area of Gallura produces "natural elisir" too, like the water from Fundu di Monti spring, with its natural mineral water of sublime quality.


Bed and Breakfast in Sardinia

Sardinian hospitality is one of the warmest and most welcoming in Italy,  and staying in a B&B in Sardinia is one of the best ways  of experiencing it. As you all know,  a B&B is a rather informal accommodation arrangement  that allows one to stay with a family, in an extra  room or more  in their house. Here we get  a bed to sleep in,  often with our own bathroom, and a hearty breakfast  awaits us in the morning . In a B&B in Sardinia  there is the precious  opportunity  of meeting and getting to know  a Sardinian family and live the island’s day to day aspects, thus learn where to go to fish sea urchins, discover the meaning of ajò  and eja , ask about the best wines to taste,  find out where not to go. (more…)