Mines by the Sea – an unmissable tour


There is a long history of mining in Sardinia, stretching far back into the remote past. To visit mining area in the south-west of the island is to discover an area unspoilt be mass tourism and immersed in stunningly beautiful scenery that is sure to take your breath away.


Abandoned mines nestled between nature and sea..

Unspoilt vegetation, crystalline sea, sandy beaches  are  undoubtedly Sardinia’s “tag” words but the territory's abandoned mines are equally representative of the island and  incredibly evocative and bewitching. These old mines and workers’ villages were closed over twenty years ago,  their undeniable  beauty and particularity  caused the  “UNESCO” to turn them into heritage of humanity, creating the Geomineral, Historical and Environmental park of Sardinia. This meant  restoration  and renovation of  these fascinating pieces of industrial archeology  that opened their doors to the public a few years ago.  One is free to wander around and imagine what the atmosphere must have been like in full activity...the noise of the mining trolleys, cries of the miners, rising dust. If only these edifices could talk.. is a frequent thought of mine. The mines are mostly concentrated in the south western coast of the island near the towns of Iglesias, Carbonia (coal in Italian..)  and Arbus. (more…)