Sardinian routes: the mines of Sulcis

Sardinia is a rich land offering many possibilities for those who visit it. Dreamy Seascapes, delicious food, nightlife, jet-set, exclusive shops. The variety of environments that can be appreciated and to choose is enormous and it is nice to discover and explore this wonderful land. Among the possible itineraries one of the most unusual it is certainly that of the Sulcis mines in the south west of Sardinia. An excellent opportunity for a path somewhere between history, archeology, industrial art. (more…)

Picking mushrooms in Sardinia

In Autumn, woods of Sardinia will bloom with mushrooms of all kind. Habitat offered by the isle are perfect to have a rich picking and for having some relaxing time in the wild nature of Sardinia. For the inhabitants, mushrooms picking’s an old tradition deeply rooted. It’s well known that this kind of activity requests respect for the environment: auto-limitation (max. three kg daily for each picker), using the right tools and the right picking methods, respecting private estates and mushrooms picking controlled areas and, furthermore, a deep knowledge of these extraordinary gift of Nature.

The advice, the most important talking about mushrooms, is to be extremely sure of what you’re going to eat. Otherwise, you can contact the local sanitary authority to let them check if the mushrooms you’ve just picked it’s edible or not and to let them check in any case, if you’re little or nothing expert about it.


Su Gorroppu…WOW!!

Here comes  the usual cliché of how small we are in comparison to nature’s wonders.. but  when looking up at the immense limestone  walls of  the Su Gorroppu canyon, the overwhelming feeling of astonishment and subordination is undescribable!  Nature is unfathomable…. How true. (more…)