New Year’s Eve 2012 Olbia: the concert of rapper J-Ax

New Year's Eve 2012 in Olbia, after rumors chased in recent days, has finally found its special guest: the Italian rapper J-Ax, become famous when he was the voice and the fronter man of the Italian funky/rap group Articolo 31. J-Ax will perform at Brin Dock, during the traditional concert of New Year's Eve.

According to the rumors circulated in the past weeks, it seemed that the guest star of the New Year's Eve 2012 in Olbia was the Italian pop/rock group Le Vibrazioni. But at last the chosen one is J-Ax (his performance was originally scheduled on January 6, 2012): waiting for the release of the official program of the event, the Italian rapper used his personal profile on social network Facebook to announce his concert in Olbia during the New Year’s Eve 2012.


Candelarìa in Orgosolo: New Year’s Eve in Sardinia

The New Year’s Eve in Sardinia is an ancient celebration, full of deep significance and hopes in a new year of good fortune. In Orgosolo, near Nuoro, the New Year’s Eve is celebrated with the Candelarìa. Orgosolo Candelarìa it’s a rite, rather a celebration, starting from the 31st December early morning. Children of the village run along the small streets characterized by colorful murales, going door to door asking for “sa candearìa”, the offers of typical bread of the event, fruit, cookies and… money. Houses of Orgosolo with their open doors are ready to welcome the celebrating children. (more…)

Cap d’Any a l’Alguer: New Year in Alghero

No doubt Alghero is at its liveliest in the summer months, its city centre and seaside promenade  teem with carefree and tanned tourists indulging in the many bars, restaurants and shops.  The arrival of autumn indicates a time of rest for the city, which begins to hibernate, closing its shops at lunchtime and its bars in the evening. BUT the coming of Christmas  and the New Year literally shakes  it awake again. The whole Cap d’Any (New year in Catalan) initiative began over 10 years ago in 1999, and in these last few years has become wonderfully successful. From the first days of December, the entire city wakes up with a start. Shops and bars reopen at all times, streets are adorned with  gorgeous decorations and many concerts and theatre shows are organized, as well as fashion shows and open air plays in the city squares. The newly acquired “winter festivity fame” brings lots of  people from all over the Island, mainland and Europe, ready and eager  to cheer the arrival of the New Year in a beautiful setting and a (usually..) mild climate.   Extraordinary meals and  galas take place, not to forget the end of year fireworks  which light up the evocative Sulcis tower and the Dome of San Michele. (more…)

Happy new year in Sardinia!

The New Year is approaching and many might well be starting to squeeze their to speak..thinking of where to spend the phantasmagorical  last day of the year.  Hopes, fears, promises, expectations and resolutions all roll into one in a night made special by  its aura of well wishing and cheer. A definitely different and fun alternative is Sardinia! Celebrating the arrival of the new year in Sardinia is a unique experience, be it standing in a main square wrapped in a coat and scarf enjoying the music, dancing and conviviality at a concert, or sitting comfortably at a table delighting in Sardinian nectars at the “Cenone di San Silvestro” the sumptuous end of year evening meal. (more…)