Excavations of Olbia: archeological finds recovered

In the city of Olbia, thanks to ongoing excavations of archaeologists, it  has been possible with the passing years to bring to light many artifacts, and to establish with certainty that in the same place in the past there was an ancient Roman necropolis. With the passage of time have been uncovered rings, ships, spas that have enriched the archaeological heritage of the city. Over the last few days in the yard of Olbia's excavation, were found archeological finds of great historical importance as the treasures of San Simplicio, considered sacred, and tombs dating back to imperial's age. (more…)

Enjoy the beach…in winter!

Walk Italy Coast 2010 is an initiative eager to boost Italian coasts in the low season, as well as promoting environmental education. With regards to Sardinia, near San Teodoro, the Marine Reserve of Tavolara will host a 40 minute excursion on Saturday 23rd of October.  Tavolara is an islet located in the north east of Sardinia and  is  one of the most extraordinary protected areas of the Mediterranean. This excursion is an  opportunity to discover and explore the coast under a new perspective….sea in winter, or out of season  gives quite different sensations. (more…)