Autumn in Barbagia 2011: open museums at Orgosolo

The next stage of Autumn in Barbagia 2011 – Cortes apertas (literally “open courtyards”) this week will take place in Orgosolo, near Nuoro, from October 22-23. And the calendar of events is very rich. The event starts at 10am, when all the museums of Orgosolo as Sonos centre, Radichinas centre and Miradas centre will be open to the public in both days. Furthermore Dalla roccia al gipeto (“From rock to bearded vulture”, a diorama of Supramonte) will be on display in piazza Caduti. (more…)

Traditions in Orgosolo and Alghero

Orgosolo is a charming village at the foot of Mount Lisorgoni, located in one of the most suggestive foresty territories of Sardinia.  This small village in the province of Nuoro is known at an international scale for its beautiful murales, these are paintings on the walls of houses which were initially introduced in the mid 1970s as a social protest. The murales in fact depict the struggles, denunciations and conquests of a village community and a country. The many denunciations include the Spanish Civil war, the 1st world war massacre in Caporetto led by the General Cadorna (in via Cadorna) , though the more recent murales  simply represent idyllic portraits of village and country life. Changing subject but not location, in Orgosolo, on the 31st of December, the traditional "Sa Candelaria" celebration takes place.“ Sa Candelaria” is a children's celebration in which all children leave home early in the morning and walk along the streets with a bag made of cloth on their shoulders. The children go from door to door asking for bread made specifically for the occasion, together with fruit and cakes. From the crack of dawn to midday one can hear the endless chanting of “a nolla dazes sa candelaria?” (“can you give us some candelaria?”) basically a Sardinian "trick or a treat, without the trick. Alas, I haven't been able to discover the meaning of Candelaria. Each family offers the children “sos cocònes”(a typical bread of the area), fruit, biscuits, sweets, toys (!) and the odd coin. The Sa Candelaria party goes on in the evening, as adults go out in groups and sing well wishing songs to all the newly weds that have married in the course of the year. (more…)