The history of the Sardinian language and its origins

The history of the Sardinian language has very ancient origins. It is a neo-latin language that has a linguistic apparatus that dates back to the conquest of the ancient Romans, is in fact a so-called Romance languages ​​because it has been infiltrated by the vulgar Latin that was spoken in the Roman Empire. The Sardinian language is a real heritage that is jealously guarded and handed down because do not lose their origins. The history of the Sardinian language has had an important appointment 15 October 1997 when the Regional Law n.26 recognized the Sardinian language as a second official language of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia in order to promote and protect it. (more…)

The Sardinian dialect..oops…language

Sardinian is a language not a dialect. Incredible but true! A regional law of  1997 and a National law in 1999 confirmed this.  The laws were introduced in order to safeguard linguistic minorities and recognized the heartfelt battle for the political recognition of the Sardinian language. In this way, the various towns can draw up official documents in both languages and it’s not rare to find road signs in Sardinian! SARDINIAN Sardinian belongs to the Romance languages group and is spoken by  1.3 million people. It is  split  into four distinct variations: campidanese (spoken in the old province of Cagliari), logudorese  (widespread in the old provinces of Nuoro), sassarese (spoken in the  area from Sassari to Stintino) and gallurese (in the Olbia – Tempio area). The first two have a structure and synthax which is practically unvaried with respect to their Latin roots. Whereas,  sassarese and gallurese have been greatly influenced by the domination of Pisa and Genoa as well as by the migrations of people from Corsica. (more…)