Tueredda, one of the 10 beautiful Sardinia beaches

Tuerredda beach, a few miles from the center of Teulada, located  in a beautiful bay between  Cape Malfatano and Cape Spartivento, is known to be one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. Its sand, as white as flour and water colors, so intense, give an exotic atmosphere to the place. It’s in the south of Sardinia, not far from Cagliari, yet this beach of 600 meters in extent is still wild: a kind of a pristine beauty that has become increasingly hard to find. (more…)

Sardinia Beaches: planty of nature in Orosei Gulf

Orosei Gulf, in the area of Nuoro, is one between the wildest Sardinia beaches. There, you can find paradise corners on Earth where you can relax and enjoy the view. Some of the most beautiful Sardinia beaches are there, in Orosei Gulf, but they are not busy with tourists because they’re not so easy to reach. In some cases, you’ll have to walk between rocks and narrow paths, in other cases you can reach there only by sea. (more…)

Costa Smeralda: beaches of Sardinia

Known throughout the World, Costa Smeralda is considered one of the main touristic area of Sardinia. The place takes its name from the shades of green and turquoise waters that wash the beaches of Sardinia composed of fine white sand. The Costa Smeralda is a perfect combination of nightlife and nature, because the day offers unique landscapes where you can visit or snorkeling through crystalline waters and relax. And during the evening the centers of the coast can offer the best entertainment for every kind of tourists. (more…)

Beaches in Sardinia and the Coast of Oleanders

The Coast of Oleander is situated in the northern province of Nuoro. These beaches of Sardinia, as the name points out, are characterized by the massive presence of oleander flower, which adds to the beautiful place a touch of color and unique scent. The Coast of Oleander has a dual composition: it was formed from granite rock, and in the southern zone from rock of  volcanic origin. The beaches in this part of Sardinia are characterized by fine white sand and the low sea backdrops, where the water changes color depending on the surrounding vegetation and currents. (more…)

Beaches in Sardinia: the coast of Alghero

The most popular beaches of Sardinia are located on the Costa Smeralda, but equally fascinating is the coast of Alghero: this area is called Riviera del Corallo (“the coral coast”) for the magnificent coral jewels made by the skilled master craftsmen of this place. The beaches of this coast of Sardinia are white sand ones, and gently accompany the swimmers in the shallow clear waters. In particular, the beach of Bombarde is one of the busiest on the coast of Alghero during summertime, located between the cliffs of a small creek and famous for its very cold waters even during periods of hot weather. (more…)