Sardinia loves beer!

Making beer is an art, a passion, and an academic discipline - it's not for nothing that we talk about 'brewmasters'. This drink, that was born in Mesopotamia in the fifth century B.C, is much more than a mere infusion of fermented and flavoured malt - it is an institution. Maybe it all comes down to the hop, added to the recipe in 768 by French Benedictine monks due to its medicinal properties, something it shares with its close relative, cannabis, a member of the same plant family. Given the runaway success of the drink in the following centuries perhaps it also shares its relative's addictiveness! (more…)

Chia Classic 2012 in Sardegna: sulcitana coast

The Chia Classic back to year 2012 in Sardinia, the first professional event in Italy for "waterman”. This year the race and its organizers will occupy the beautiful coast sulcitana to accommodate champions of the most spectacular water sports: surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing and stand up paddling (UP). Proud to join in those sports, there will be mountain bike. The event gathers around it all the fans of these disciplines now famous, the great professionals champion and newcomers in search of excitement. The categories that can participate in competitions are divided into: kids-“Pippius” under 12, Juniors-“Piccioccus” up to 18 years, the Open between 18 and 35 years, Masters-“Antigus” between 35 and 50 years and finally the Grand Masters-“Beccius” over 50 years. (more…)

The Sardinian Vespers: Sa die de sa Sardinia

The Sardinian Vespers, also known as Sa die de sa Sardinia, are the days in memory of the revolt of the Sardinian people against the rulers of Piedmont. Sardinia in the eighteenth century was dominated by the Piedmont and on this subject. When Piedmont was attacked by France in Sardinia, the Sardinian population showed a regular attachment and devotion to their rulers defending the city of Cagliari from the French siege by all means. (more…)

The Sardinian impanadas: cakes stuffed with meat

The impanadas sardines are a tasty recipe original of Nuoro, initially very popular with farmers because they had the characteristic to preserve long. Literally impanadas means ball, are in fact a sort of rustic pie filled with, according to tradition, lamb and raisins. The recipe for impanadas has a medium difficulty, a preparation time of 45 minutes (plus resting time) and a preparation of 50. (more…)

The popular traditions in Sardinia: the evil eye

Among the folk traditions of Sardinia the medicine is undoubtedly the most particular. And no mention of modern medicine, that we are used today, but superstitions and folk beliefs widely held in the island of Sardinia. Hundreds of people in Sardinia practice healing through rituals that are passed from generation to generation, but only to persons who are considered suitable, and through the use of natural elements. (more…)