Sardinian artichokes recipe: easy and tasteful

If you’re looking for a way to prepare Sardinian artichokes in an easy, fast and tasteful way, you’re in the right place. Artichokes farming, in Sardinia, is diffused in the whole isle. Here you can find two variety of this vegetable: the one with thorns and the one without. The first kind are finest and more flashy, even if they’re of medium-small size and the more resilient to climate changes. This variety is often eaten raw, with pecorino scales, given them sweeter taste. This recipe will be ready in 30 minutes and it will take 15 minutes of cooking. (more…)

Artichokes in Samassi..

Artichokes or "Carciofi" are a very popular and extremely loved vegetable in Italy , they are cooked in many exquisite ways and I find they are full of flavour..definitely one of my favourite vegetables. The first weekend of December, from Friday 3rd December to Sunday 5th December  is the turn of the the artichoke festival,  or better “la Sagra del carciofo e la Fiera agroalimentare del Medio Campidano”. The festival is organized  by the  Pro Loco (a sort of  tourist information office)  of  Samassi, a small town 40 km from Cagliari.  These last years the “sagra” has become a joint event alongside the food and agricultural fair of the  Medio Campidano, an area in Sardinia’s south west which you can see highlighted in the picture below. Artichokes are the number one  leaders of the Samassi agriculture, here two kinds are grown, the  “Spinoso Sardo” which has small thorns and the  “Masedu”, without thorns. At the fair/festival in Samassi  there will be conferences delineating  crucial themes of the island’s agriculture, as well as an assortment of stands  where one can taste the products of the “Campidanese” tradition and savour some lovely artichoke recipes. On the Sunday a well known race takes place, the  "Marcialonga del carciofo", it is at a national scale and  anyone can take part as it is  both competitive and non competitive. (more…)