Recipe for Sardinian torrone nougat

Sardinian torrone nougat is a characteristic dessert from various area of Sardinia (Campidano, Barbagia, Logudoro). Recipes are little different too from place to place. Some require the adding of tastes such as citrus fruits or spices. But the standard is the using of simple and natural ingredients, the softness and the amber color of the product (which in that is different from the Cremona torrone nougat, white and hard). There is no sugar in the Sardinian torrone nougat, element which gives hardness and whiteness to the classic Christmas Italian sweet of uncertain Arabic origins. The sweetness of it comes directly from his main ingredient: honey. (more…)

Ricotta gnocchi: a Sardininan variation

Gnocchi are usually made with potatoes or semolina, this recipe comes from Sassari and uses ricotta cheese instead of the potatoes, therefore making the dish much lighter, though equally scrumptious.  Here it is served in a tomato and basil sauce  and topped with some grated parmesan. Another very popular version is with  butter and sage, again topped with a coating of grated parmesan.  This is just an example of the excellent food one can find in the many B&Bs or holiday farms scattered all over the island.

Ricotta Gnocchi (more…)