Castles in Sardinia: discover Siviller

The Aragonese castle of Siviller, located near Villasor in the province of Cagliari, is one of the most unique castles of Sardinia. The reason lies in its curious architecture that combines civilian and military architectural style. The style of this fortress is medieval but its size and structure of civil residence, give it something really special. It was built at the behest of the customs officer of the Castle of Cagliari, John Sivilleris, with permission of the bishop of the capital of Sardinia, for military purposes: in fact it had to defend the area against attacks by the rebels of Arborea. (more…)

Caves in Sardinia: discover the cave of Is Janas

The caves in Sardinia are a world apart, little know among the people visiting this beautiful island. But these caves are as beautiful as the beach and the coast of Sardinia. One of the most beautiful is the cave of Is Janas. It is located in the territory of Sadali, near Nuoro, and it’s 240 meters long. It extends horizontally, so the visit is within reach of anyone and is not particularly difficult. (more…)

Castles in Sardinia: visiting Castle of Sassari

Among the castles of Sardinia, the Castle of Sassari had a very troubled history, and has passed several times with difficulty. Built in the XIV Century, it was used by the population of Sassari to resist the Crown of Aragon. Later, from 1535, it was used by the Inquisition and was converted into a barracks for the Royal Italian Army until 1877. The demolition of this castle began in that year, to make space for squares and for the barracks of Lamarmora, headquarters of the Brigata di Sassari (“Sassari brigade”). (more…)

The market of Cagliari: San Benedetto

The best way to know a city’s population is through its food culture, and if this is always true it is a fortiori for a gourmets location like Sardinia. Among the many well-known markets famous is the San Benedetto, that offers the opportunity to discover and capture the true spirit of Cagliari. A challenge between 238 operators to offer their customers the freshest products at the best price which creating an exuberant commercial and human atmosphere. The San Benedetto market is composed by two level: the lower, the most famous, contains the stalls of fish, shellfish and crustaceans; the upper level is home to the market of meat, cheese, fruit and vegetable, wines, confectionery and typical Sardinian cuisine. The San Benedetto structure also did to have the record of the largest covered market in Europe to Sardinia and Cagliari: 8000 square meters rich of flavor and humanity typical of this land. (more…)