Acquafredda: castles of Sardinia

It stands on the spur of a hill of volcanic rock, dominating the surrounding plain of this extraordinary site of Sardinia. It is easy to figure that Castle of Acquafredda, in its heyday, was a fortress of great strategic utility.

It is believed that the oldest structures are to be dated to the first half of XIII Century, its building is attributed to Ugolino della Gherardesca, the noble from Pisa whose fate was sadly made ​​famous by Dante in his Divine Comedy. At that time, the function of the castle was to defend the considerable mineral wealth of the area.


Snorkeling in Sardinia: the depths of Villasimius

An essential place in Sardinia for snorkelers and divers is the marine protected area of Capo Carbonara, near Villasimius: only few hours by ferry boat and you can reach an authentic underwater paradise, that you can explore using mask and snorkel. All the parts of Capo Carbonara are quite a sight, but the main dive points are three.

The first stop for snorkeling at Capo Carbonara in Sardinia is the shoal of Santa Caterina: a complex of granite buttresses and bastions that go deep into sea up to a depth of about thirty meters, building a variegated underwater landscape to be explored.


Grand Prix Cagliari 2011: discovering Sardinia

On December 21, 22  and 23 will take place the twentieth edition of Cagliari Grand Prix, a real tour de force for sportsmen who like nordic walking, windsurfing, kite surfing, stand up paddling, catamaran, cycling, mountain biking. And it’s also an excellent opportunity to visit the beautiful capital of Sardinia. The Cagliari Grand Prix 2011 starts on December 21 at 14:30: windsurfs, canoes, kayaks, kitesurfs, catamarans and other small sailings will start simultaneously from Poetto and will double the rock of St. Elias used as rounding mark, and back to the point of departure. The day will end with a refreshment at the Windsurfing Club Cagliari. The Cagliari Grand Prix continues on December 22 with the bike path along the stretches of cycle paths (Via Roma Molentargius - St. Elias Poetto - Via Roma). (more…)

Campidano forest in Sardinia

1600 hectares of forest in the south-east of Sardinia, in the heart of Campidano, not far from Cagliari. A real environmental heritage that the Forests Agency of Sardinia wants to promote. There it has been built a sensory trail, dedicated to schools and to all those who have the curiosity to deepen their knowledge about the wonders of this wood. (more…)