Sardinia beaches: Dunes of Piscinas

Among the beaches of Sardinia, the Dunes of Piscinas, near Arbus, are among the most fascinating. And in fact, UNESCO declared them World Heritage. They are so large that go over two miles inland and can reach 100 feet tall (which makes them among the highest in Europe). It 's the perfect place for long, quiet walks in nature, especially in the early hours of the morning: this is the ideal time to spot deer and the other species that cross the beach to return to their shelters in the groves of juniper. The fauna and flora found in this environment a great refuge: here, between June and July, nests the Caretta Caretta, one of the most protected species of turtle in Italy. And you can also see various birds of prey like golden eagles and peregrine falcons. (more…)

Sardinian Sweets: Mustazzoleddus, a tasty Sardinian recipe

The Mustazzoleddus are typical biscuits of Sardinia, the area of ​​origin is of Sardinia's western part where surely the most famous town is Oristano but there may be several variations of this recipe. The mustazzoledus are typical biscuits of Sardinia very tasty and well-worth the taste and perhaps it is suggestible to match a sweet wine for meditation a Sardinian one of course such as: the Argiolas (more…)

Where to practice kite in Sardina (part I)

Wind and sea: the two things that kitesurf lovers know well and weigh in order to choose the best spots where to fly their board, inflate their kite and fill the adrenaline. Sardinia also knows these two elements which have always been part of its landascape.

There are those who cross oceans and take 24 hours flight  to find the optimal conditions for this water sport which is increasing its popularity among the bravest. But, there is no need to go to the other part of world to fly off into the waves, you can stay comfortably in Italy: you just need one of the ferries to Sardinia. Whether in spring, summer or winter.