The floats of Tempio: Carnival in Sardinia

Carnival in Sardinia, Tempio PausaniaCarnival is not only Venice and Viareggio. As well known by the Sardinians and the other forty thousand spectators every year join the Carrasciali Timpiéscu: the Carnival of Tempio Pausania, in Sardinia, with its allegorical floats that parade under the auspicious eye of King George. This mythical King is one of the most fascinating and mysterious figures of ancient folklore of Sardinia. It has been identified as a symbol of the fertility cycle of the earth, with a story that happens every year during the three-day highlight of the Carnival: Carnival Thursday, Sunday and Mardi Gras. After witnessing the solemn entrance of the King in the city of Temple, the participants in this special Carnival in Sardinia to attend her wedding and, inevitably, to his sacrifice on the stake, to propitiate the fertility of the land, slowly, is set for a new spring.

The magnificence of the entrance of King George in the streets of Tempio is underlined by the richness and vitality of the floats on Carnival Thursday. Floats prepared by the citizens of Temple during the long and passionate preparation for this event.
To enjoy the festive atmosphere offered by the unique Carrasciali Timpiéscu and solve the mystery of the figure of King George, the solution is just a few hours from you. The same time they take the ferry to Sardinia to reach the shores of this magical island.


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